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Anonymous Sextoy Assessment: NJoy Natural Wand | Autostraddle

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Its our 31st

Autostraddle Anonymous Adult Toy Evaluation!

Over the past few years, we have been propositioned generally by sex toy businesses wanting to know when we’d want to examine their particular toy in return for, you understand, their own toys. In 2011, and “claiming yes to your outfit” we began stating sure for the sex toys!

Recently, two of our unknown reviewers checked the
Njoy Pure Wand



: Healthcare Grade Stainless Steel



: 11″ x 1.5″


Body Weight

: 1.5 lb



: $108

Anonymous Reviewer number 1

I’d heard hearsay regarding the Njoy Pure Wand, one of several Babeland’s most readily useful 20th Anniversary Toys, before We also opened it. I’d heard it actually was at first made for prostate stimulation, but this quickly gained push because the necessity G-Spot model. I would additionally heard it might cause you to female ejaculate buckets. The story also goes that gender teacher nina hartley pictures Hartley used to lend the Njoy natural Wand to ladies so they really could ejaculate sufficiently to get into

Nina Hartley’s Help Guide To Female Ejaculation

. Babeland confirms:

The Njoy Pure Wand had been originally created as a metal prostate model, but easily caught in as a must-have G-spot vibrator, compliment of its lustrous curve and significant fat. At 7.5 ins in length, it gives you an abundance of reach, allowing you to strike your nice place making use of graduated balls at either end.

Each Njoy natural Wand is constructed of 24 ounces of healthcare level metallic. While stainless is actually cold to touch, it warms fast to body’s temperature. If you are partial to temperature/sensation play, but a few minutes when you look at the fridge offer an extremely chilling experience. Likewise, a short dip in a bowl of tepid to warm water will deliver a luxuriously comfortable and sensuous experience.

Clients cannot prevent referring to the Njoy Pure Wand’s ability to get even non-squirters to ejaculate. All you have to perform is actually fall it inside yourself, such that it’s directed toward your waist line, and rock the wand forward and backward. This movement helps massage the surface of the G-spot, top lots of to ejaculate, even when they’d been incapable of before. Indeed, porno star-turned-sex instructor Nina Hartley when provided the Njoy Pure Wand to a fellow porn star and, several days later, this lady was able to keep coming back and star in Nina Hartley’s self-help guide to Female Ejaculation.

I happened to be a little doubtful.

While I opened the natural Wand I was immediately impressed. Good black storage space package with pink satin coating. This is my form of toy. I got the stainless-steel rod out from the box and immediate noticed how hefty it had been. I realized it had been will be heavy, yet not that hefty. It is just like the lightest loads in the gym significant. “this can be extremely hot,” I thought to my self, “but how the hell carry out i personally use this thing?!” I found myself accustomed vibrators and silicone polymer dicks. Precisely what the hell was I meant to carry out using this rounded steel rod?

I came across several YouTube films, that have been all essentially similar to this one from Babeland below:

I didn’t truly get it even though We saw like 10 video clips, therefore I quit and simply moved because of it.

I got into bed, put some silicon lube regarding the larger end and went along to shimmy it inside my personal vag. I gotta let you know, it was drilling cold. I got little idea it absolutely was will be that cold! Initially we used the wand I just kind of stuck it out. Subsequent occasions I operate it under tepid to warm water for  15 seconds. (Actually another time I tried it I went it under heated water and burned the crap out of my crotch. You shouldn’t do this.)

I happened to be immediately happy with the way the rod had been designed. The bend managed to make it simple to bang yourself. The larger area or littler area may go inside you, but I found the heavier area fairly difficult utilize as a handle thus I mainly stuck using the bigger conclusion



However, at first i did not rather know very well what I was performing. After a couple of mins of jackhammering this thing within myself (a la the way you utilize a dildo) I becamen’t a great deal getting anyplace. I became really obtaining type discouraged. I genuinely have no idea the things I ended up being wanting, however the evaluations on Babeland I had browse mentioned this thing can find your own G-Spot, offer dozens of sexual climaxes consecutively, turn you into squirt and resolve globe hungers all by just inserting it in there and doing nothing.

Then I keep in mind that a lot of the movies considered rock and roll it back and forth more than in and out. I tried directed toward my personal navel, and rocking the rod back and forth. Thus I performed that for a while. Then I stopped “pushing down” and began “pulling in” a la kegels. My way of thinking sort of went such as this:

I’m bored stiff

I’m bored stiff

I’m annoyed

I’m annoyed

I am– oh!


Oh wow!

You get the image.

I absolutely wished to have that “G-Spot climax” that people are always speaing frankly about, although I’m sure that numerous folks are created different ways no special style of orgasm is superior to almost every other. But, like, I found myself truly fascinated. I constantly considered my G-Spot had been just the option you press to right away make myself need certainly to pee. We wound up attempting very difficult not to reach my personal clitoris while I was making use of the rod in desire of obtaining stated G-Spot orgasm. But i acquired also turned-on not to and moved for your clitoris anyways. As soon as used to do, I got the longest many amazing climax I am able to recall. I am not saying causeing the right up. The thing was actually that each and every time I attempted to get it, it actually was designed such that it unavoidably pressed back at my G-Spot and I also sort of restarted my personal climax once again. We orgasmed for actually a long time that I thought to me mid-orgasm, “i will put just how long I orgasmed in the analysis,” and thought to me, “i will simply tell them We orgasmed long enough getting that thought.” It actually was really meta.

In my opinion the important thing using Njoy Pure Wand is to give yourself considerable time along with it. This is not a wang bang personal time quicky. You should seduce yourself and provide yourself a long strong genital massage therapy. It’s also okay to go to community on your clitoris even though you put it to use! I did not ejaculate – and possibly We never ever will – nonetheless it rocked my globe in any event.

In addition tried out the wand for anal play. There isn’t loads of experience with back-door action, although wand was created commit in butts too and that I realized I’d better give it a try. You understand, for science. I tossed some silicone lube from the more compact end and just sort of went for many rectum rubbing. It actually was quite hot. Personally I think quite certain that absolutely nothing seems because smooth on the anus as stainless-steel. I must be truthful, it made me need it a stainless metallic butt connect. As mentioned, I had trouble using the bigger end as a handle. So I disinfected everything, changed returning to the larger part and put it in my pussy.

The Njoy natural Wand has actually fundamentally be my head to penetrative doll. I prefer it all enough time. I love it’s medical level stainless and so I know i will cleanse it with water and soap between myself personally and a partner and feel totally secure. I am informed as possible use it doing your kegels workouts, but I never become it-all the way out-of its case and into my snatch without right proceeding to self pleasure. Oh well.

At $108 the Njoy natural Wand is just a splurge. Nevertheless, I would personally probably spend two fold. Or triple. In fact, it’s difficult to state just how much I would personally shell out keeping having my world rocked.


Anonymous Reviewer no. 2

Very reviewer no. 1 informed us making use of this doll for masturbation. But my personal girlfriend and I utilized this fuckable piece of art as a couples toy. We were actually excited when we started all of our Pure Wand – it’s just therefore sophisticated! We got it for me personally to bang the girl with. But rather than decrease to floor and use it immediately, we made the decision that she should utilize it by herself initially due to the fact from what we should read it seemed like a toy with a learning contour (and the real, actual contour). This turned into imperative. Because this model requires only a little finesse while can not feel somebody’s hoo-ha as well as it is possible to together with your hands or a strap-on, it is REALLY IMPORTANT that the lover manage to tell you what they just as in this doll. That will be infinitely much easier should they understand variety of stress and moves (reviewer #1 pointed out the rocking) they enjoy.

In addition like to tell you that we discovered this model was REALLY VERY HARD to make use of on somebody, so this will not be your own pick in case you are nonetheless learning your lover’s human anatomy or you’re however uneasy giving or getting most drive feedback during the time. The model is actually very long, you plus lover most likely must have a discussion how strong you intend to get. Additionally it is more like fisting than fucking with a dildo – tiny motions go a long way due to the fact toy is merely very



I believe like i understand my personal gf’s human anatomy effectively, and in case pressed i might say I’m sure my personal method around in the sack. But I actually performed feel actually shameful by using this on her behalf – the curve is really undoubtedly intended for self-loving, methinks. And it’s a lot more seamless when a person is putting it themselves since they know exactly how much cash stress they demand and locations to place it. It took united states an extended whilst to figure out exactly how I happened to be designed to rock it, go it, what angles were good – but because she had tried it herself she could truly walk myself through exactly what she desired. We performed at long last find a way to strike a nice beat with it and then we undoubtedly loved (njoyed?) our selves.

On the whole, you are able to absolutely check it out as a lovers model. But my personal girl is keeping it directly on her region of the sleep on her behalf own enjoyment. We’ll most likely make use of it collectively again, however it actually is on her plus it actually is really for masturbation. Also it truly is really certainly one of her brand new favorite toys, so we highly recommend it.

Anatomically built to rock the socks… by yourself

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