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Archer Asks: Walter Crasshole, creator of brand new men’s room intercourse web site ‘Dandy Dicks’


change Crasshole is a US-born publisher and porno musician, and founder of new men’s room sex site,
Dandy Dicks
(NSFW). Amy Middleton swept up with him in Berlin to ask about his work, sex, pornography and identity.

A: inform us regarding the project, Dandy Dicks.

WC: Dandy Dicks is a new on-line sexual homosexual journal that do not only offers homosexual men one thing with regards to their sexual appetites, but their rational appetites and. It really is pornography and editorial, side-by-side. We now have videos of men by yourself or even in sets enjoying themselves plus meeting films with all the artists on everything from their own day-to-day as to what they like accomplish in bed. Together with that individuals’ve got blog sites, interviews and articles on from music to movie to culture to humorous rants and anything else. We’re ready to accept plenty different material. And while the website is actually for gay guys, we are pleased with whoever would like to enjoy our content! Many people may come along on the Dandy Dicks journey!

A: what is the project’s method of gender?

WC: The intercourse we need to show is actually “natural” sex, as in we don’t use specialist actors or units or pre-fabricated scenarios. We grab dudes since they are would like these to appreciate by themselves like they like to. I do believe about sex sites individuals need to see other individuals have sexual intercourse, obviously, but what’s lacking, in yaoi gay porno, is the means individuals actually relate to one another during sex. Offering that in spades. This means, merely show us that which you’ve got: we wish to see!

A: How could you explain your own identification, and exactly how has this created after a while?

WC: My personal identification is pretty much on my arm. I am a gay guy – a classical faggot with a punk stone pose. I might say i possibly could be labeled because queer at the same time, in both that I happened to ben’t constantly entirely with males


We remain in a more alternate type of individual and that I haven’t ever already been, nor are We interested in becoming homosocial. I wanted all sorts of sexes, identities, people in common within my life. Yet still, i am almost a gay guy.

Walter Crasshole. Image by Christoph Kassette

A: How is sex addressed in Berlin?

WC: sex in Berlin is amazing. The mindset in Germany typically towards sex is very incredible. Merely last week at the beach we wound up arbitrarily resting near to a group of bi-sexual middle-aged swingers speaking rather honestly about their exploits and emotions towards intercourse – and this also coastline was at the German countryside, not Berlin. Normally attitudes during the money are further modern. Discover a number of representations here in Berlin from PornFilmFestival, to intercourse organizations available to all men and women (some maybe not, needless to say), to intercourse stores and workshops, towards the town’s publications maybe not shying far from these topics. Sometimes the biggest disadvantage to Berlin’s commitment with sexuality is often being unable to keep up or acquiring overrun.

A: How could you change exactly how society treats intercourse?

WC: In my opinion the most basic thing is simply the means we discuss it. And that I you should not just imply when you look at the political good sense. If citizens weren’t therefore squeamish regarding it as a whole and I don’t feel there had been scenarios that I was thinking gender was actually entirely unacceptable to talk about, we’d all access with-it a lot quicker. However, we’re elevated from early on that dealing with gender is actually taboo plus i could have the unease using conditions when the subject is brought up. However if we’re able to easily discuss it, some other changes could appear even more effortlessly.

A: exactly what guidelines is it possible you provide a person who is actually unclear about their unique intimate identity?

WC: i do believe the initial step is exactly what I happened to be these are early in the day: talk to some body. Young individuals have a benefit over the elderly in the same manner that there are wide variety resources online that can assist all of them evaluate who these are generally. While doing so, the danger in the internet has grown exponentially with cyber-bullying. It’s difficult adequate for young people getting bullied about their identification by their particular peer team around them, however with the potential for it to be thus public therefore enormous, the consequences can be very tragic. I nevertheless believe young people will benefit from finding sources on the web, then again the advisable thing is to track down someone IRL that they’ll really get a hold of some solutions from. If that’s unavailable wherever they’re – proceed to the next greatest area when they are of sufficient age. These are the central meeting things for queer individuals this very day. And it is likely the best way to find help they require.

A: What Is Actually then for Dandy Dicks?

WC: the whole world! No, but nearly! We should perform alot! You want to hold providing the highest quality porno to prospects and sharing guys like no body more is currently doing. At the same time, hopefully our very own article grows and develops which we can deal with a variety of topics along the way – from tradition to current events. Currently we are dealing with some movie content that individuals understand will probably be awesome great – a lot of fun material for individuals get into. We are youthful additionally the future is spacious, so we’ll simply have to see.

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